Mt. Katahdin
Welcome to the Ambajejus Lake Lot Owners Association web site. This web site was created to provide information to members and prospective members of the Association.

The Association is a Maine non-profit corporation and was formed to provide for maintenance of the private roads accessing its member’s lots and for related purposes as set out in our Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions which is available on this website as are our Bylaws, minutes of meetings of the Board of Directors and minutes of member meetings.

The Association came into existence in November of 2013 as part of the process by which Katahdin Timberlands sold members their lots. Katahdin Timberlands sold substantially all of the lots subject to the Declaration prior to the Association’s first meeting of its members on July 18, 2014.

The Association is governed by a ten member Board of Directors with six members of the Board elected by the owners of lots on Rock Ridge Road and the nine island lots and four members of the Board elected by the owners of lots on Deep Cove Road.

Members of the Association are the owners of the lots subject to our Declaration and the lots are shown on the surveys recorded in the Piscataquis County Registry of Deeds and which are available on this web site. Membership is automatic upon purchase of a lot and terminates upon sale of a lot. The Association has 86 members on Deep Cove Road, 108 on Rock Ridge Road and 9 on islands for a total of 203.

Board members and officers must be members of the Association and serve three year terms.

The Board elects the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.

Deep Cove Board members appoint a Road Commissioner as do the Rock Ridge Road Board members. Road Commissioners serve three year terms and oversee maintenance of their respective roads. Questions or concerns about road maintenance should be directed to the Road Commissioners or a Board member. Contact information is available on this web site.

The annual meeting of members is held on the third Saturday in July each year when Board members are elected, the annual budget is adopted and issues of concern are discussed. Members are encouraged to attend in person but can be represented at the meeting by a proxy as well.

Piscataquis County, Maine 04462

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